Auto Emails to Your Buyers

Send an email to your eBay buyers after each transaction, cross selling more of your products!

Set Your Emails on Autopilot

Connect with buyers, guarantee your buyers satisfaction and cross sell with an email sent after each transaction. Emails sent automatically, just set it up once and stay in touch with your buyers. You can email buyers after each of these actions:

After purchase

An after purchase email is a great way to thank buyers for their purchase. It’s gives buyers assurance that you got their order and offers them a way to contact you directly with any question. Read more…

After item shipped

Send an email letting buyers know that you shipped their order, great way to stay in touch with buyers and ensure their satisfaction. Read more…

After positive feedback

Sending an email after positive feedback is a great way to thank buyers for their feedback and also a great way to get buyers to come back and check out more items that you have in your store. Read more…