Need help? Here you will find a list of some common questions and answers.

What is “Thank You Emails”?

Thank You Emails is a great cross promotion tool for eBay sellers that will also helps you build strong customer relationships
with your buyers.

The app will send an automated thank you emails to your buyers recommending to your buyers other items
that your offer. Thank you emails are great for helping buyers stay in touch with you and helping you stimulate repeat sales.

How long will it take until the emails are sent?

Once you activate the app by selecting one of the email templates, your app will be live and all future buyers will receive a
thank you email from you. If your thank you emails aren’t sent please contact us at: support@3dsellers.com.

Why does {item_name} show in my email subject and text?

The {item_name} field in your email’s subject line and email body will be replaced with the name of the item the buyer
bought from you.

How do I choose which products to recommend?

Under your settings tab you will find two option for choosing your recommended products:

“Show # products in emails” – choose how many items you would like to show in each email.

“Show type” – choose the type of items that will show either: “best match items”, “newly listed items”, “ending soonest items”, “most expensive items” or “cheapest items”.

Can I change my emails design?

Yes, to change your emails design browse through the design templates we offer. You will find for each type of template various colors, simply click on the template on the color you like and click to “preview” or “save” the design.

How can I cancel my account?

To cancel your account please contact us.

Need more help? We will be happy to help, please refer to our User Manaul or contact us.